Victor Smith wrote at September 24, 2013:
I am thrilled to see that you will be open again for 2013-14! My wife and I purchased your Avant promotional skis last year and hoped to use them a (and the season passes!) in 2012-13...big disappointment. I remember fondly a rainy New Year's Day many years ago when my young daughters fell in love with Big Tupper and its family-friendly races and activities.'s still Big Tupper!
Richard J Mumford from Ft Lewis, WA wrote at January 12, 2012:
Hello I am currently serving in the United States Army at Ft Lewis, WA I am originally from Oneida, NY though. Me and my family are having a mancation on Feb 23, 2012 and Hope to see you open becuase we would rather go the Big T rather than make the drive all the way to Lake Placid we will be staying in Long Lake. What is the minimum amount of snow you will open on?
John June from Seattle, Washington wrote at December 9, 2011:
I am originally from Gouverneur and practically grew up skiing at Big Tupper. I am so happy to see that it is open again and wish you all the best of luck continuing in your efforts, to keep it running. Maybe some day I might get a chance to get back to The North Country and ski it yet again. All my best to you! John June
Lisa A. Smith from Niagara Falls, NY wrote at September 24, 2011:
I have been coming to the Adirondacks now since I was jus a litle girl, camping on the Racquette River deep in the woods. We lost our camps on the River, yet I still come each year to such a wonderful, awesome, beautiful and majestic place. My uncle, Colyn Webber, remains in Piercefield where I now go each summer and stay with him. Last year we had the please of going to Big Tupper as part of the Ocktoberfest opening. We rode the ski lift to the top of the mountain and enjoyed our walk down, as it was filled with memories and laughter. Although I am not a skiier, I did appreciate standing atop Big Tupper and gazing at all the beauty the Adirondacks has to offer. Yeah Big Tupper!
Bernie Lynch from Geneva NY wrote at April 30, 2011:
Glad to know Big Tupper is alive and well...Our family enjoyed many summers at the camp at Paradise Point and I have taken my kids to the Bog every summer for the last ten I hope to take them to Big Tupper for a ski next year!
Andy Dufresne from Shawshank Maine wrote at April 28, 2011:
As soon as I get out, I am going to ski big tupper again (before I jet off to mexico)
Kelli from Kelli wrote at April 17, 2011:
Good point. I hadn't thought about it quite that way. :)
Bruce Alexander wrote at March 20, 2011:
I skied here just about every weekend when I attended college in the area. We either drove over or they chartered a bus for us. Great times! Although I'm out west now, I'd love a chance to take a few runs next time I'm in the area! Gotta love Big Tupper!
Carol Goldie from Canton, NY wrote at March 13, 2011:
I've been to Tupper 4 times this year and love it! The skiing is fun, the views are gorgeous, the volunteers who run it are pleasant and all for $15pp! Our youngest being 6, the whole family skied for $60. We haven't skied that cheap since before kids. I learned to ski at Tupper and was so sad when it closed. I sincerely hope they can make it a go and consider it a moral imperative to ski there whenever I can.
Leon and Lori Jessie from Tupper Lake wrote at March 1, 2011:
Sincere thanks to everyone who made the Presidents Week School vacation so much fun for our daughter and all the kids of Tupper Lake. This was her first year on the slopes, and she seems to have it mastered already. It is so important for us to give our kids "something to do", and we are very grateful for each and every volunteer and supporter of Big Tupper.
andrew lafave from tupper lake wrote at February 28, 2011:
Well yesterday was the first day that I got to go to Tupper this year. It was worth the wait- snow was like butter and to get to go up chair 3 was just amazing - and for 15 dollars. I told them to keep the 5 dollars i had coming back, because it was worth 40. The trails were nicer there than at some of the mountains where charge a lot more. Keep up the good work everyone. You guys are awesome.
Ski Big Tupper wrote at February 28, 2011:
Kelly Bedore: Probably the best conditions this year.. not a cloud in the sky and a Bald Eagle at the top of chair 2 with a wing span of at least 4 feet flying above the American flag!!
Ski Big Tupper wrote at February 28, 2011:
Kelly Burnett: This winter break, my family decided to try out the mountain. I grew up skiing and was excited to share that with my children. It is amazing to me that it is entirely run by volunteers and the prices are so reasonable. I am very proud of the people doing this for our community and greatful for what they are doing.
Ski Big Tupper wrote at February 28, 2011:
Kelley Edwards Metell: My family is from Tupper and spent last weekend there and loved skiing Big Tupper and visiting the WILD Center!! Thank you very much volunteers for the great job you are doing!!
Ski Big Tupper wrote at February 28, 2011:
Amy Farrell: As a teacher and coach in Tupper Lake I have to say that this mountain is so important for our students and community! I help with the Ski School at Big T and have been fortunate enough to see the confidence and attitudes of our students change by having skiing and snowboarding so close to home. Kids that I would've never expected to see on the slopes are out having fun and loving Big Tupper. The Adirondack Council needs to realize healthy, happy kids are going to grow up to be more productive, healthy, and happy adults!
Ski Big Tupper wrote at February 28, 2011:
Debbie Reimherr McCarthy: BIg Tupper is gorgeous - it would be great to keep it open in TUpper Lake. Our family is from that area and we spend every summer vacation there. The childhood memories my husband has are priceless, and we are passign them on to our kids and someday our grandkids. Big Tupper could be fantastic...why do some people keep thinking they have all the "right answers" for everyone? Maybe they should think and listen! Keep Big Tupper's WORTH IT!!!
Ski Big Tupper wrote at February 28, 2011:
Wear On Earth: Just mounted up a few sets of the Avant Skis Co. commemorative Ski Big Tupper, skis. These skis are locally made in Tupper Lake. Great to see this type of product produced locally. One of these sets is for demo up at the mountain so go try them out in the fresh POW! Enjoy your weekend.
Ski Big Tupper wrote at February 28, 2011:
Kinsley Whittum: Great conditions and great volunteers! Some of the best skiing of the year!
Ski Big Tupper wrote at February 28, 2011:
Sara Mele: Oh my gosh... It was INCREDIBLE!!!!! Snow up to your knees, surfing turns, non-stop smiles! I think there were quite a few WOO-HOOS too.
Ski Big Tupper wrote at February 28, 2011:
Rosemary Cappione Whitton: Thanks for sharing the pictures!! My Dad, Sam Cappione from Massena, took myself and my 6 sisters and 2 brothers skiing from 1962 until it closed. I started skiing the winter of '64 going up the T-bar in between my Dads legs! Then down the hill the same way!! The memories we have of Big Tupper span 3 decades. My Dad will turn 90 on March 8th and if he wasn't in Florida for the winter he would love to spend his birthday at Big Tupper!! Again, thanks for sharing the pictures of Presidents week. Hope to bring our youngest to ski at Big Tupper next weekend.